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Henley Man Club is a community initiative for men to get together
to listen, to share & to support each other, in a safe & confidential space

We aim to give men in the Henley area a sense of purpose, identity & engagement in the local community…

Henley Man Club, Henley's Safe Space for Men
Henley Man Club, The Bull on Bell St Henley-on-Thames

Come & Join Us

Mental health is a practise. By learning to talk and listen we can develop our mental strength and implement a positive mindset and habits. We meet regularly in Henley-on-Thames, and we are here to listen, to share, and to support each other:

Monday nights


The garden room,
Bull on bell street,
Henley on Thames

If you just want to talk let us know
Henley Man Club, Community

Building a Community

Henley Man Club, Mental Health

Tackling Mental Health

Henley Man Club, It's Good To Talk
Henley Man Club, Physical Health

Tackling Physical Health

Henley Man Club, In Henley-on-Thames

In Henley-on-Thames

Henley Man Club on BBC Sounds

Our Founders

Luke Dorn & Gary Boys

Our mission is to create a space where men can gather and celebrate the positive qualities of masculinity, offering our individual skills, knowledge and experience to have a positive impact on the community.

Listen to our founders interviewed on BBC by clicking the link below:

Henley Man Club on BBC Sounds
Henley Man Club on BBC Radio Berkshire

How are you out of 10?

By taking the time to check in and self reflect we take stock of how we are feeling.

What are you grateful for today?

What are you looking forward to this week?

What’s your plan for your mental fitness this week?

Join us & see if we can help
Henley Man Club, Henley's Safe Space for Men
Testimonials form Henley Man Club

Hear what our members say…

Henley Man Club couldn't have come at a better time in my life. Being able to frankly and openly talk to other men in a safe and confidential space about the struggles and challenges that we all face on a daily basis with no agenda or social pressures is not only enlightening and but genuinely provides a real support platform and real pathways to overcome the problems that so many men face alone. Alone and quietly suffering was a real part of my life. Embarrassed to ask for help. Constant self doubt, am the only one who is struggling to make it work. Why am I getting it wrong where others succeed?

Because I was doing what i was brought up to do. Manning up. Keeping it all under the bonet. The engines are broken, but the chassis still shines.

In the three weeks I've been part of the group, I have already created a new path for my career. I can see a way to be financially solvent. I can see progress in my relationship with my family and ex-wife. I can see hope. I know it won't all be OK. But I know I don't have to pretend it all is anymore.

Anonymous Henley Man Club Member (with permission)

Testimonials form Henley Man Club

We are a community of men changing the way we deal with challenges – Together as they happen

Henley Man Club, Henley's Safe Space for Men

Some of our upcoming events:

Henley Man Club, Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder


We are looking to put forward a team for a Tough Mudder event soon, with an aim to raise funds for charity

Henley Man Club helping Kenton Theatre Henley

Kenton Theatre

On-going, Henley

Volunteers required…

Traditional Boat Fair

Friday 19th July to Sunday 21st July, Henley

Volunteers required…

Henley Traditional Boat Fair Henley Man Club

Henley Drivers

On-going, Henley

Volunteer to be a driver to support the local community, driving those in need to hospitals and vital appointments.

Henley Man Club, Oxfordshire County Council

Awareness is Great, Action is Greater.

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Your confidentiality is our highest priority, we will not share your details with anyone.

    Henley Man Club, Henley's Safe Space for Men

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